Information for Funerals and Burials


When a loved one dies there can be many questions, worries and concerns.  We are here to help.  You may like to talk to a priest, in which case Fr. Andrew is always available for you; however, we understand that at this difficult time it is sometimes hard to approach someone.  Because of this, the Church of England has developed a website with many helpful pages. 


When you are ready, in your own time, support and advice is offered by Fr Andew


Family wishing to have the lives of loved ones departed commemorated in The Book of Remembrance contact us

The Church of England Funerals website has more information to guide you. You can access this site by clicking here

The costs of a funeral eithere in church or at a crematorium involving Church of England clergy is governed by the Archbishops' Council which sets a standard national rate.  However, there are local charges which can be added to your service to make it more personal.   

Speak with a priest


Grief counselling