The Chapter of The Transfiguration

The Chapter of

The Transfiguration

Who we are?

What we do

The Chapter of The Transfiguration is a group of clergy, who are priests of The Society who seek to maintain the faith and order as the Church of England has received it.

The chapter is body that gathers for mutual support, but it is far more.


Comprising the parishes in the Diocese of Liverpool, we also include the two Traditional Catholic parishes on Wirral, in the Diocese of Chester.

The parishes served by these clergy have pledged to work together to advance the mission of the church through discipleship and evangelism. 

Alongside our own church, the parishes include: 

St Columba, Anfield

St John the Baptist, Tuebrook

St James the Great, Haydock

St Luke & Holy Trinity, Southport

St John the Evangelist, Walton

St Andrew, West Kirby (Diocese of Chester)

St Thomas, Chester (Diocese of Chester)

Future Dates for your 2023 Diary

Saturday 14 October, Walsingham Festival Day at St Andrew’s West Kirby

Wednesday 18 October, St Luke’s Day, Southport

Thursday 30 November, St Andrew’s Day, West Kirby

Evangelism for catholic parishes

At our devotional day at St Agnes  the need was identified to have some formal training in evangelism and sharing faith for our laity. The day was well attended for August and the afternoon exercised allowed everyone to speak directly into how we, as a group of Society arishes, can serve them effectively in mission.

This course on evangelism will take on Saturday 4 November at 09:30 at Anfield St Columba.

Photo gallery

Our Chapter met on Satuday 5 August 2023 a day of, and to discuss Sublime Glory


.  Here are some pictures of the day