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Saint Agnes and Saint Pancras,
Toxteth Park


The parish has passed Resolutions A, B and C, and is therefore under the extended episcopal care of the Provincial Episcopal Visitor for the Province of York, the Bishop of Beverley (http://seeofbeverley.org.uk), though it is of course in the Diocese of Liverpool (http://liverpool.anglican.org). The parish is affiliated to Forward in Faith (http://forwardinfaith.com), and it has long been a tradition of the parish that the parish priest is a member of the Society of the Holy Cross (http://www.societassanctaecrucis.org). Fr Cook also is a member of the Sodality of the Most Precious Blood.

Many parishioners are members of the Society of Mary (http://www.societyofmary.net), and the parish participates in the many events organised by the local ward of the Society, the Ward of Our Lady of Victories. This ward has its own website at http://www.som-northwest.org.uk . There are other parishioners who belong to the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament (http://www.confraternity.org.uk). The local ward is named after St Agnes.

 We take an interest in other churches dedicated to our patron, St Agnes. Pride of place must go to Sant’ Agnese fuori le Mura in Rome, where the relics of St Agnes are enshrined (http://www.santagnese.org), apart from the saint’s Head, which is enshrined in the church of Sant’ Agnese in Agone in the Piazza Navona, also in Rome. On the on the almost diametrically opposite side of Rome from Sant' Agnese fuori le Mura is the imposing Basilica di San Pancrazio (http://www.sanpancrazio2.org), where the relics of St Pancras are enshrined. Originally he was buried in the Catacombs of Domitilla, over which the basilica is built. Some time in the future the parish would like to organise a pilgrimage to these holy shrines, following the traditional pilgrim route from Canterbury to Rome, the Via Francigena (http://www.francigena.ch).

In England we enjoy friendly relations with St Agnes’s, Kennington Park, in the diocese of Southwark (http://www.saintagnes.org.uk). Churches by JL Pearson are dotted around the country. A very splendid Pearson church is St Michael’s, Croydon (http://www.st-michaels-church-croydon.org.uk), and yet another is St Stephen’s, Bournemouth, where Fr Cook worshipped before he was ordained! See http://www.ststephensbournemouth.org.

 The parish has good ecumenical relations both with the local Methodist church and with the Roman Catholic Parish of St Clare. St Clare’s is only a short walk away and is also a Grade 1 Listed Building. Members of the Liverpool Ethiopian Community use St Agnes’s for worship every week: once a month on a Saturday for Mass, and every Sunday afternoon (except when a Mass on the Saturday). For general information on Ethiopia and the Ethiopian Orthodox Church go to http://www.ethiopianorthodox.org and (http://www.angelfire.com/ny/ethiocrown).

 There are also links with the Coptic Orthodox Church of St Mary and St Mina in Manchester. For general information on the Coptic Church go to http://www.coptic.net/EncyclopediaCoptica and http://www.copts.co.uk.

 Finally here are some websites which people may find interesting. If you want T-shirts displaying quotations from the writings of the Holy Father, then go to http://www.popebenedictxvifanclub.com. A very useful site which allows you to print out the liturgy of the day is http://www.universalis.com.



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