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Fund Raising



Help with Fund Raising on the Internet


Each time you shop at Amazon, please log on to the Amazon website through the St Agnes website. The link is on the home page, near the bottom of the right hand column:

This link will take you to the Amazon website, and will recognise you if you have an account with them. The actual image changes, so it might not look like the above.


Easy Fund Raising

This site – easyfundraising.org.uk – has attracted a large number of businesses to donate to charities registered on this site. We have registered as St Agnes Church, Liverpool. You only need to go to the website once: you register with them, and link your registration to the parish. You will be invited to download their toolbar. When you have done so, your internet page (in Internet Explorer) may look something like this:

To maximise your internet window, you can remove the left hand column by clicking on the arrowhead next to the blue easyfundraising banner:

You will then only have the single bar above your internet window.

As you browse the internet, if you look at a site which offers a donation, you will be advised of the fact:

Click on the green banner, and you will be transferred to the easyfundraising site, where you click on a similar banner to return to your chosen site:

Thereafter you shop as normal.


Please note that Amazon are registered with easyfundraising, so that you will be offered the chance to obtain donations through this means. The rate of donation is lower than the route via this website, please always use this website as your route to Amazon.







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